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Christina's clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare in a tranquil and compassionate setting. Her treatments are thorough and she enjoys educating as much as treating.

Fee Schedule: (due at time of service) Additional Services:
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (1hr)
Spirit of the Points Acupuncture (1hr)
Nutritional / Lifestyle Consultation (Included in all full-price treatments) No additional charge
Chinese Medical Massage (1hr) $50 Cupping, Electrical Stimulation $10
Chinese Medical Massage + Acupuncture (1.25hr) $75 Herbal Consultation (includes herbs) $15 and up
Chinese Medical Massage + Spirit of the Points Acupuncture Treatment (2hr) $95   NADA Protocol for Addictions, including Auriculotherapy (2-3x/wk) $25

Two locations in Golden and Highlands.

SCHEDULING: Christina runs her clinics just as regular healthcare clinics. The number of sessions required depends on the nature of the complaint, duration, severity, and age of the patient. In some acute conditions, only one - five treatments may be required, and in more chronic conditions, five to fifteen treatments may resolve the situation, (with patient compliance of recommendations). The degenerative types of conditions may require more treatments. The treatments need to be consecutive, (one treatment / week) for the most significant changes, because the effects of Oriental Medicine are cumulative. Each treatment builds on the last one, and as with any medicine, the patient's diet, lifesyle, and attitude will also affect the outcome.

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