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How Acupuncture Works
A Simple Explanation

If you tried to sum up health in one word, it would be circulation! Acupuncture is based on the principal that health is maintained by a balanced circulation of energy throughout the body. The Chinese refer to energy as "Qi." Acupuncture produces verifiable results by establishing both balance and insuring the continual flow of this vital energy, (in other words circulation). Because it is an energetic model of medicine that works with Qi, and cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can actually be more likened to physics than to Western medicine.

Here are some scientifically verified effects of acupuncture that were measurable by Western diagnostics:

  • It can treat pain by affecting neurological transmitters and related chemicals in the central nervous system, such as serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine.
  • It supports immune responses by increasing white blood cell count.
  • It can normalize blood pressure and peripheral circulation in hands and feet, as well.
  • It increases both the flow of calcium in broken bones and microcirculation.

The efficacy of acupuncture is high because it is not a "one-size-fits-all" type of treatment. Going to an acupuncturist is much like going to medical "tailor." Two patients with similar symptoms will never be treated exactly the same, just as a tailor will never make the same size suit for two different people!

Acupuncture treats stress that disrupts the body such as: trauma, surgery, chronic pain, medication, poor metabolism, lack of sleep, overworking, death of a loved one, or even a relationship, and many other causes of depression. It strenghthens and improves overall function, enhances recuperative power and immunity. So, it enables you to regain not only physical, but emotional health, by addressing the root causes. At the same time, many other minor issues, internal or external, may be resolved by addressing them with acupuncture / herbs. This is why in Chinese medicine, you do not need to go to many different health care practitioners, or take many different medicines, for different symptoms. As your acupuncturist will explain, many of your symptoms will have the same root cause within the Chinese medicine paradigm. Each treatment can be an education, if you so wish!

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