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Lifestyle Medicine
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Poorly-managed stress and lack of nutrition are catalysts for disease, poor health, and weight gain. Stress is a major contributor to most diseases, and even accidents. Acupuncture automatically relaxes the mind and the body so that self-healing can take place. Acupuncture can naturally correct energetic imbalance in the body due to surgery, trauma, chronic pain, medications, disease, excess emotional issues, metabolic issues, and hereditary or environmental changes. It is particularly helpful in adapting the body to seasonal changes: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Nutritional counseling is one of Christina's specialties. Christina is also a Juice Plus Distributor which gives her access to the most current clinical research on nutrition.

Tuina or Chinese medical massage diagnoses areas of imbalance while aligning the spine.  You notice physical changes on the day of treatment!  When combined with acupuncture results can be achieved in much less time than with acupuncture alone.

The "Spirit of the Points" acupuncture treatment addresses healing through the mental / emotional imbalances first, that lead to physical symptoms.  It differs from tradtional Chinese acupuncture in this way.

Fee Schedule: (due at time of service) Additional Services:
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture (1hr)
Spirit of the Points Acupuncture (1hr)
Nutritional / Lifestyle Consultation (Included in all full-price treatments) No additional charge
Chinese Medical Massage (1hr) $50 Cupping, Electrical Stimulation $10
Chinese Medical Massage + Acupuncture (1.25hr) $75 Herbal Consultation (includes herbs) $15 and up
Chinese Medical Massage + Spirit of the Points Acupuncture Treatment (2hr) $95   NADA Protocol for Addictions, including Auriculotherapy (2-3x/wk) $25

Two locations in Golden and Highlands.

"Health is a state of optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - Dorland's Medical Dictionary

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