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Traditional Chinese Medicine

ACUPUNCTURE: Fine, flexible, disposable needles are inserted into the skin stimulating blood and energy flow while guiding the body to balance the energy. The insertion is oftentimes not even felt by the patient. Otherwise, anything from warmth, tingling, a dull ache, itching, or even a heavy distended feeling can be felt. Any of these feelings last only seconds, leaving little time to even comprehend the sensations!

TUINA: Is a deeply relaxing Chinese Medical Massage that also involves a gentle manipulation of spinal vertabrae, while the practitioner is simultaneously further diagnosing the patient. This is a safe type of manipulation done by hand (Chinese medicine is not a proponent of abrupt snapping or cracking of vertebrae).

HERBS: There are many sophisticated natural herbal formulas as there are acupuncture points. They can help the body to heal many types of pathologies, either on their own, or as an adjunct to a treatment. They go far in speeding up the healing process, but also in fostering lasting results. Some formulas are so gentle, they can be used as supplements. Because they more closely resemble food, they are better absorbed than an isolated, often synthetic vitamin.

MOXIBUSTION: Dried leaves of the mugwort plant, (artemesia), in various forms are burned and held over certain areas of the body to warm and stimulate Qi or energy. This method can be especially effective in treating not only stress, but arthritis, asthma, I.B.S., (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), aiding digestion, and increasing energy!

CUPPING: This involves placing a heated jar placed on the skin with gentle suction. It also improves circulation, treating headache, dizziness, cough, asthma, pain, common cold and asthma.


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